Hollywood movies shot in Rajasthan

5 Most Successful Hollywood Movies Shot In Rajasthan

If any movie’s requirement is desert with an astonishing cultural environment, guess what will be the place!? No doubt it will be Rajasthan! Not only Bollywood, but also Hollywood didn’t let go to add up the aesthetic Vibe of Rajasthan in the movies. So let’s have a look at some Hollywood movies shot in Rajasthan.

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Hollywood movies shot in Rajasthan

The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark knight rises

The movie had Christian Bale in lead and was a big hit . The Dark Knight Rises is based on DC Comic’s Batman character. And is the sequel of Dark Knight rise.

The Dark Knight Rises shot in many foreign places but the one Indian spot it touched was Jodhpur (Rajasthan). The scenes mainly shot at the Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur.

The Jungle Book (1994)

the jungle book

This 1994 movie ‘The Jungle Book‘ is a super popular movie and the inspiration for its remakes.

The movie had several connections with India:

  1. Some of the wild animals provide by India, like Asian elephants (one is named Shirley), a male Bengal Tiger, and a male Indian wolf.
  2. There were two Indian actors in the movie.
  3. And especially the main thing of this article, “the shooting location” of the film was Jodhpur where the team worked for eight weeks.


octopussy movie

Octopussy is the 13th installment of the James Bond series direct by John Glen. The initial filming of the movie completed in Udaipur and used several palaces of Rajasthan.

The Monsoon Palace was use as the residence of Kamal Khan’s (The Villain), the Lake Palace and Jag Mandir as Octopussy’s palace and the Shiv Niwas Palace as Bond’s hotel.

Moreover, two Indian people also starred in this film were, Kabir Bedi, an Indian actor; and Vijay Amritraj, an Indian Tennis player.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Hollywood movies shot in Rajasthan- The Exotic Marigold Hotel

This film is a comedy-drama direct by John Madden. The most special thing about this movie is most of its parts is shot in Rajasthan, which you can even notice in its poster as well.

The poster of the film clarifies the Rajasthani aesthetic touch in it. Jaipur and Udaipur were the main sports for the film.

Furthermore, the Indian actor Dev Patel was in an important character in the film.

The Darjeeling Limited

Hollywood movies shot in Rajasthan - the darjelling ltd

It was a comedy-drama direct by Wes Anderson. The film was about three brothers who decided to have a spiritual tour in different places and they meet after 1 year of their father’s funeral in India.

Most of the filming is done in Jodhpur and Udaipur.

So this is the tiny list of some Bollywood movies shot in Rajasthan. No matter how cultural any other place is but once you experience the art, culture, aesthetic vibe, folk music, and dance of Rajasthan you just can’t resist yourself from feeling it once more.

Additionally, the insane architectural works in the fort and palaces of Rajasthan will attract you more. Do share your experience if you ever visit Rajasthan or your love for Rajasthan in the comment section below.

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