Anek Ayushmann Khurrana Review

Ayushmann Khurrana Anek (2022) – Story, Cast, Review

Anek Ayushmann Khurrana Review– Ayushmann Khurrana known for selecting unique movies and always nail his every role. Counting from ‘Andhadhun’ to ‘Bala’, Ayushmann always been excellent in performing different characters.

Let’s evaluate the movie and get to know if it has power to grab audience attention or not.

Anek Ayushmann Khurrana movie Review, Story

Anek Ayushmann Khurrana Review
Anek movie scene

Story set in an unspecified North-Eastern state of India. Anubhav Sinha introduces us to the situation of the North-Eastern region, where people don’t acknowledge themselves as Indian citizens and want independence from India.

And the Central Government of India wants to sign a peace treaty with them. Aman, an undercover agent (Joshua- his name as undercover agent) is sent to the place to do this initiative.

He goes to that region and tries to understand the situation. In the meantime, he falls in love with an aspiring female boxer, Aido. She wants to represent India in a boxing tournament, but her coaches don’t let her.

On the other hand, Aido’s father is a teacher who train his students secretly to fight for their country. As there’s political environment is terribly against the Indian government, so be a Indian supporter is dangerous.

Eventually, during the entire mission, Joshua/Aman finds out that his own boss and various high authority don’t want peace because of their own benefits.

Here, Aman starts to face the moral dilemma between his responsibility to the nation and his duty to follow his higher authority.

Anek Ayushmann Khurrana Review and actors Acting

Anek Star Cast

Ayushmann Khurrana as Joshua, Aman

Andrea Kevichüsa as Aido

Loitongbam as Tiger Sanga

Manoj Pahwa as A mastermind politician

Kumud Mishra as A mastermind politician

Anek star cast acting

With a typical Bollywood persona, Ayushmann Khurrana has tried to nail the the character Joshua. And to be honest, Ayushmann looks a bit different in this movie as compared to his previous movies.

Andrea Kevichüsa (Aido) has done well as a boxer, but she couldn’t perform up to the mark in the scenes which require some intense acting.

Kumud Mishra and Manoj Pahwa, two legends of Bollywood have performed very well as mastermind politicians.

Despite the language barrier, Loitongbham Dorendra Singh acted and communicated very well through his actions.

Anek movie Direction

Anubhav Sinha tried to touch a delicate topic of “North-East”, hence we all had a very high expectation. But, as the story progresses, the storytelling eventually becomes a lecture that might bore some people.

And on the other hand, the improper and disordered scenes can make the audience confused.

Is Anek Movie worth watching or not?

Is anek worth watching or not?
Anek movie scenes

The regional dialect, folk melodies, background score, production design, visual tone, cinematography, and action sequences are all wonderful and appropriate for this film.

Although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, as it also could be a controversial topic based film as ‘The Kashmir Files’. However, it is worthwhile to try since it forces you to consider equality and justice in the context of religion, caste and gender.

The story could have better and a more strong ending could be given. Not a great movie to watch though, but if you are an Ayushmann’s fan, you can definitely give it a go.

Anek movie Review: 2/5

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