Do cuttputlli really justified the original one?

Remakes are nowadays became like trend for Bollywood. And we see many movies that have been remade from past few years. But as a movie lover you will expect to watch a worthful movie.

And that comes movie analyser like us. Yeah just kidding. I know i have not big traffic. But still here it comes my next review after many days of Cuttputlli movie release. Yeah I am really late. But I watched it today. So I am writing the review, only for me because i want to spit out all my thoughts in this blog.

So lets get started a do a comparison of Cuttputtli and Ratsasan.

Cuttputlli and Ratsasan Comparison


Storyline is same, where a young man wants to become a director but nobody liked his story and with no choice left, he joined as SI with the help of his brother in law.

At first, he doesn’t seem interested. But later on, when a case of missing girls came to police station. He started to take interest. And at last he gets to know the real killer.

Acting, Direction, Dialouges

Personally i really liked Akshay Kumar, but with this movie, i really disappoint with his acting. In many emotions scene he lacked.

Ratsan movie created suspense in each and every scene. The background music will give you the fear and your heart will skip a bit. You will be in dilemma about who is the killer.

Moreover in a scene where hero’s niece got murdered (sorry for the spoiler). In this scene when hero sees the body, that scene literally made me cried while watching the original one. But what the hell did they do in Cutputlli. Like what’s the rush ???? Where is the emotions bro??? Even the scene is fully copied but still it missed emotion. Brother your dearest one died, show some emotions.

With this, i will like to add a point, the point is the bonding between Hero and his niece in the original one was very cute yet emotional. Which is lack in this film.

Apart from these point, one more thing disappointed me was Cuttputtali background music and power to stick audiences to stuck at their seat. While one the original, you will start feeling a connection with the lead hero. We feel curious and be in complete shock to see the real killer. Even the back story of the killer wasn’t clearly portrayed in the remake version.

The rest work is destroyed by Cuttputali climax, it was looking like that director had other more important work to do anlets finish this movie Quickly. The reveal of the real killer and climax is the main part of an suspense thriller movie. But Cutputlli’s team do it so badly. That you will not feel any shocked to see the killer.

The story’s main point was to find out why the killer is doing this? But the presentation is really hilarious in Cutputtli.

And I don’t understand that, is this really need to add unnecessary songs and extra romantic scene in the movie? Instead they should more focused on script writing, and background music. Then the movie could get better.

In the original one we literally get scared with the villain and the biggest plus point is whenever that killer enters a starts to play which gave you chills.

And we feels like that all incident is happening with us.

In a scene, where the hero says a word which trigger the killer and it cause a disturbance in mind, but the difference between both the film was of execution in cutputli we will feel it very funny while on the original one we will shout for the hero you go, what a smart move etc etc.

Is there any plus point of Cutputtli?

Yes, there is. I am not a bad person i will appreciate the remake (even it have zero plus pint) and that is the location is really beautiful. Secondly, Akshay and Sargun pair is really good how they work together to catch the criminal.

Should i watch Cutputtli or the original one

Please its an humble request to watch the original one, thats trully a masterpiece. But still you wants to watch Cutputtli, then watch it at your own risk. I will not be liable for your time waste.

So this is my person opion about both movies. What do you think? Do share that in comment section below.

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