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Khaali peeli full movie: Not for the people with brain

Have a look at my article about Khaali peeli full movie. If you watch this movie without reading my article you will be in trouble.

There is no such special thing I can tell you about Khaali Peeli. As you already watched the trailer and know that this is only a Bollywood “masala” movie.

But it is my responsibility to aware you one last time about it. And tell you what the movie is about.

Khaali peeli full movie story

Khaali peeli full movie

Childhood friends Vijay and Pooja separated. But later, encountered some uncommon situation.

Vijay aka Blackie is now a khaali- Peeli taxi driver who is hiding from cops after doing a half-murder.

Pooja ran away from forced marriage and met blackie.
And then a game of hide and seek started between blackie, pooja vs goons, cops.

After some confusion and cat- dog game, the movie reaches to end.

Khali peeli star cast Acting

Khaali peeli full movie

Ishaan Khattar is trying badly to become a tapori guy but failed. Ananya gained some confidence but still couldn’t improve her acting after doing two movies.

Villain Jaideep Ahlawat,s talent got completely wasted.

Khaali peeli full movie cast, Direction

Star cast:-

Ishaan khattar as blackie
Ananya pandey as pooja
Jaideep Ahlawat as Yusuf chikna


Directed by:- Maqbool khan
Maybe Maqbool forgot that now these old concept movies are ignored by the audience.

They want a real story and a real talent. Khaali peeli is no different from other old-era Bollywood action dramas.

And with the same outdated story. Action scenes are seemed to be stoled from Hollywood movies.

Background music is below average. The movie has only is senseless scenes with no logic.
Not a single song is worth to listen and put any impact on its audiences.

Khaali peeli full movie is worth watching or not?

Khaali peeli full movie

If you only want to entertain yourself and are not fed up with old cinema stories then you can watch this movie. Otherwise, you will only waste your precious time.

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Review:- 1/5
Hope you liked this honest review. Let me know your views about this movie in the comment section.

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