Ginny weds sunny

Ginny weds sunny movie analysis

A hero, heroine, and a villain. Hero, chase heroin and profess his love. The heroine does some “nakhras” and at last a happy ending. All are in ginny weds sunny.

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Ginny weds sunny story

Ginny weds sunny

A story about two confused youths Ginny and sunny. Sunny wants to open his restaurant but his father wants him to marry first.

Ginny who is still stuck with her ex wants to do a love marriage.
Ginny’s mother runs a marriage bureau that’s why Sunny’s father came to her and told her to search for a suitable bride for sunny.

But after meeting Sunny she tried to settle her own daughter with him. And even gave tips to impress her.

Overall performance by Ginny weds sunny cast

Ginny weds sunny


Yami gautam as Ginny gill

Vikrant messy as sunny Malhotra
Vikrant Massey is an amazing actor who proved his talent in web series like Mirzapur and Cargo. He used his whole acting talent in Ginny weds sunny and impresses us again.

He did his character of Sunny in a very perfect manner. From dressing sense to language he did everything well.

Yami is looking beautiful and suited well in her Punjabi character. And the chemistry of Yami and Massey is quite well.

Ayesha Raza and Rajiv Gupta also did their work very effortlessly. Ayesha’s efforts in helping Sunny, make this movie a little entertaining.


Directed by:- Puneet Khanna

Produced by:- Vinod Bachchan

Direction is well and up to the mark. Background music is good and supports the scene. But the main villain of this rom-com is its outdated and boring story. There is not a single thing which you have not seen in old Bollywood masala film.

The story is too predictable which makes it less interesting. This movie could have been better if the writer came up with a fresh story.

Only sawan me lag gai aag is loved by audiences. The rest of the songs are forcefully put.

Ginny weds sunny is worth watching or not?

Ginny weds sunny is all mixture of Bollywood old drama. Which you saw in so many movies earlier. But there is no harm in watching it at once. You will enjoy this family rom-com drama.

Review:- 2.5/5

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