SatyaPrem Ki KATHA movie review

SatyaPrem ki Katha Movie Review – Its not an ordinary “Prem Katha”

A famous quote by some immature boy could be like “Uski naa me hi ha he” (Her no is yes). But, literally it is “No”. Some years back Pink came with this message. However, the whole movie was in serious tone. Unlink Pink, SatyaPrem ki Katha have mixture of Romance, comedy, drama. So lets dig about this movie and review the full movie without any spoiler.

SatyaPrem ki Katha Movie Review

SatyaPrem ki Katha Movie Story

LLB Failed and unemployed Satya aka Sattu is desperate to get married. He have an habit of saying truth without thinking anything. Satya have a Crush named Katha, but she is in relationship (when they met). However, after 1 year, he met Katha, but not in sound condition. Katha tried to suicide, but anyhow Sattu Save her.

So, Katha’s parents decide to Katha’s marriage to Sattu. Obviously this marriage is forced as Katha have had an serious breakup, and the so called society’s people don’t want a girl who have had any relationship. Therefore, Katha’s parents fix their marriage (of course without her consent and by emotionally blackmailing her).

Execution and Cinematography

The movies will tell you a sensitive message with the mixture of romance comedy. And that works well. The movie even has many twists and Turn which will made you stick to the end, as you wanted to know the breakup reason, why Katha tried to suicide? and why she don’t want to sleep with Sattu and Many more.

The first half will look like a cliché Bollywood romance drama, but as the film progresses, It uncovers, Katha’s Pain and Society’s small thinking.

The very sweet part of the movie was the relationship between Kartik Aryan and Gajraj Rao (they played father-son). His father is only his best friend. And supported and motivate him in all the time.

Talking about acting part, then Both Kiara and Kartik did great. And rest of the supporting casts had nothing much to do, despite of convincing and motivating their kids. By this movie, Kartik’s performance improved and there is a scope that he will be a big superstar in future.

And Apart from the storyline, I loved the Cinematography. Its very soothing while seeing the scenes shooting in the real location. And it will give you a real movie experience.

Moreover, Maximum of the songs are good to listen. But why the hell there is an requirement of the Pasoori song? They have putted it forcefully.

Despite these positive things there are some minor flaws, which is the excessive use of Songs and rush Climax. Director, instead of adding too many songs, should focus on its climax scene. And one thing that hurt me the most is soo less screen space to Rajpal Yadav, he became a forgettable character in the whole movie. If these things were better, the movie had the potential to break the record.

Whether to watch it or not?

Yes, definitely you should. Because after long time, Bollywood is giving you a worthful movie that is a full “Pesa Vasool”. And there is a warning, then only watch with open minded.

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