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Adipurush Box office Collection Till date – Full Movie story analysis. Is this movie, making Joke of the Epic Ramayan?

In this Post I will tell you about till date Adipurush Box office collection. And apart from that, I will analyse this movie and will tell you is this worth your time or not?

Adipurush Box office Collection | Full Movie Review

Prabhas as Raghava aka Ram

Star Cast

Prabhas as Raghava /Ramji

Saif Ali Khan or Lankesh / Raavan

Kriti Sanon – Jaanki / Sitaji

Sunny Singh as Lakshman

Devdatta Nage- Hanuman

Cinematography – Karthik Palani

Adipurush Release Date – 16 June 2023

Director and Writer – Om Raut

Budget – 500 crore

Adipurush Movie Story

You already know what Ramayan is about. So I don’t think so you will be interested in this part. But still I can summarize Adipurush.

After Lankesh Kidnapped Jaanki. Raghava along with Laxman, Hanuman and Vanar Sena decide to save Sita. And after this movie ended.

Adipurush Movie Review

Adipurush box office collection - Prabhas Scene

Overall, Adipurush is the mixture of Harry Potter, King Kong, Avengers and Game of Thrones. This movie have Lack of emotional Touch. Moreover, Prabhas gave same expression in all movie. And if talk about Dialogues then you will made you definitely vomit. I can’t share all the dialouges here, but i will share you an example, by which you can get the idea, that how far a writer can go to make it gawky – “Mere ek Sapole ne tumhare Seshnaag ko lamba Kar diya“. Like seriously why?

Moreover why director made Laxman’s character as a Stupid?

And Even after taking time for VFX there has been no changes. Then what took the director so long to release this movie? Because the problem was not only VFX and Editing. Its the content. Which obviously can’t be edit after the movie completion.

And I have one more complaint with Adipurush, why soo less screen space for our Sitaji aka Kriti Sanon and Kumbhakarna? This could possibly add one more good element in the movie. As Sitaji and Kumbhakarna also has an important role in Both Ram’s and Raavan journey. Why showed all the characters like streets chapris?. What’s with their language. Do hanuman or Raavan really talked like that? And Even if you are showing Ram as a warrior then the actions should be properly executed. And the acting should be more real isn’t it?

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Whenever, Ramanad Sagar’s Ramayan came on Tv then people were so attached to TV and they forget to their daily work. Or even during covid, Ramayan came to DD National, then also we saw the craze among the audiences. But if Talk about adipurush then we can’t stand even a second. Great that, I haven’t take my family to watch this movie. unless I couldn’t be alive to share this opinion.

The Good aspects ( Yes it has some!)

The “Ram Siyaram song”. And Ram talking to Samundra Devta. But still for these, you don’t need to go to theatres, You can watch it on your phones after some time.

Adipurush Box office Collection

Day one Collection

16 June – 95.00 Crores Net India / 133 Crores Worldwide

Day two collection

17 June – 60-62 crores

Day three collection- 18 June – Coming Soon!

Should You watch this movie in theatres or not?

Firstly, I want to advice to not watch Adipurush, And if still you want to watch this movie, then keep the Ramayan aside from your mind. Because if you watch Adipurush while remembering, Ramayan we have seen from you childhood, you will definitely feel disappointed and disheartened. And while keeping real Ramayan aside you will watch this movie, you will get too much masala or entertainment as we get from watching any other Bollywood entertaining films.

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