Darlings Movie Review

Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah performance made the film a must watch

After power packed performance as Gangubai, Alia Bhatt is yet again with the character of Badru , the powerful character. So here is the spoiler free review of Darlings movie.

Darlings movie story

Darlings Movie Review| Alia Bhatt

The movie is about a young married woman Badru who is going through problems in her marriage. His husband Hamza is an alcoholic and beats her daily. However she complaint against him to police and he got arrested. But again he did the same. So Badru decided to seek revenge.

Star cast

Alia Bhatt as Badru

Shefali Shah as Shamsu (Badru’s Mother)

Vijay Verma as Hamza

Rajesh Sharma as Kasim


Kudos to both Alia Bhatts and Shefali Shah for abandoning their selves and losing themselves in their characters, giving us a masterclass in acting in the process. Their chemistry is mind blowing. Moreover Vijay Verma also gave powerful performance.


Alia Bhatt in Darlings

Picking an issue such as domestic violence for a dark comedy is not a perfect choice, but Darlings, which stars Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, and Vijay Varma, manages to nail it. Darlings is more of a drama which is peppered with interspersed scenes of humor written for both the leads.

There is one scene in Darlings in which Shamshu (Shefali Shah) tells a tale about a frog and scorpion, the frog a scorpion, in a quasi-fable-like manner. Darlings is an eccentric social thriller, which ultimately comes down almost as a nicely made social-service movie about domestic abuse.

However, darlings is flawed by its half-baked understanding of its themes, its uneven writing, and its direction.

Its first half is soo slow, but the second half is really a nail biting scenes.

Is darling worth watching


Darlings is the kind of film that can feel a bit weird as you are watching. And is an entertaining, funny, while at the same time, filled with a few grittier moments.

However, Darling is tantalizing and thrilling, though I do wish the film had gone all-out. Overall, the drama is a fun diversion, with a brisk script, great storytelling, and a few standout performances. Whatever your feelings about the issue of gender equality or flawed laws in the area of domestic violence, The Darlings is an enjoyable watch. Called a black comedy, Darlings tackles serious issues around domestic abuse and violence. 

Darlings may not be the best black comedy, but it is certainly one to check out, particularly if you are looking for stories of strong women taking control of their lives.

Darlings movie Review:- 3/5

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