Haseen Dillruba

Haseen Dillruba movie review: Ignore if you love mystery thriller

Bollywood produces suspense thriller kind of movies for so many decades. The audience also loves to watch these movies. Rather than just a great story the movie producers also have to keep in mind that audiences should connect to the scenes till the climax. Haseen Dillruba is also a mystery thriller.

Let’s see is this worth watching or a waste of your time. Do not forget to share your own review if you already watched this on Netflix or maybe on telegram.

Hasin dilruba (Netflix) Story, Star cast


Haseen Dillruba

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Rishabh Saxena aka Rishi who is an engineer by profession. And Rani Kashyap is a big fan of novel writer Deepak. They married with the wish of their family.

But after the day of the marriage, they get to know that there is nothing common between them. And didn’t find anything which they wanted in their partner.

And even after trying to protect their marriage life, they failed.

One day Rishi’s cousin comes to their house. Rani gets attracted to him as she finds him a great companion.

But after some incidents, she gets attracted to her husband Rishi. And slowly their married life got on track.

But the story turns at a different angle when Rishi gets murdered and Rani is the main suspect.

Inspector Kishore trying to solve this mystery. But when he tries to unfold this murder mystery he realized that it is not an easy case to solve and there is something fishy is happening.

Star cast

Taapsee pannu as Rani Kashyap.

Vikrant Massey as Rishu aka Rishab.

Harshvardhan Rane as Neel Tripathi (Rishi’s cousin)

Aditya Srivastava as Inspector Kishore.

Haseen Dillruba direction, songs

The movie doesn’t look like a mystery thriller from any angle. The movie might contain some twists and turns but that’s not interesting. And audience started feeling bored after some time.

Song Dil Mera karda and Akira are good to listen to. And the dialogues are really awesome. Which can help us to win a war just like Gandhi Ji.

Star cast acting

Vikrant massey in Haseen Dillruba

Talk about Taapsee Pannu’s acting, she is really an amazing actress. Her acting was up to the mark.

Her expressions are really awesome and make you fall in love with her again after Thappad and Pink. She put her all expressions in every scene perfectly.

Vikrant Massey again did his job very well. And never get out of his character. I might say he is also a plus point for this movie.

After a long time, we see Harshvardhan Rane and it’s a refreshing experience to see him again after Sanam Teri Kasam.

The reason why Sanam Teri Kasam is the audience favorite even after the flop.

It’s good to see our Abhijeet (CID) (Aditya Shrivastava) in the role of a police inspector. He did his acting well.

Is Haseen Dillruba worth watching or not?

Haseen Dillruba trailer

if you want to see a mystery thriller kind of movie then this movie will slightly disappoint you. As director use only the old formula.

So there is not a good reason to watch this movie except Taapsee and Vikrant. If you are a fan of these actors you can give this movie a try.

Only watch this if you have free time and have nothing new and interesting to watch.

Rating:- 2.5/ 5

Hope my article helped you to decide whether to watch this movie or not? Do share your views in the comment section.

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