Jayeshbhai Jordaar review

Ranveer Singh Jayeshbhai Jordaar review: Is the movie really Jordar or not?

Ya I know I am little bit late for this review. And most of the people already may watched this movie. But for the people who haven’t here is the Jayeshbhai Jordaar review for you.

So that you can decide whether to watch it in theatres or not.  


Jayeshbhai Jordaar movie trailer scenes| Jayeshbhai Jordaar review

The film begins with Jayeshbhai Patel and his wife, Mudra Patel. They live with a traditional Gujarati family. Jayeshbhai’s father is the sarpanch of the village and have a good fame in the village.

In the village girl child is like a curse for a family and they think a girl child as a burden. Jayeshbhai and Mudra already have a 9-year-old girl child Siddhi. Therefore, after realizing that Mudra is pregnant again with a girl child, Jayeshbhai devises a cunning scheme to flee.


jayeshbhai jordar ranveer singh

​The actors delivered their performances perfectly .

Ranveer Singh performed his role perfectly. And just like in his other movies, he has done justice to the role here as well. 

Shalini Pandey made her debut in Hindi films with this movie and has done great job. Moreover, Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak also portrayed their roles decently. Apart from them, the child actress Jia’s performance was fantastic. He stole heart of the audience with her innocence and great acting skills.   

Jayeshbhai Jordaar cast 

Ranveer Singh as Jayeshbhai Patel.

Shalini Pandey as Mudra (Jayeshbhai’s wife).

Boman Irani as Sarpanch Pruthvish Patel (Jayeshbhai’s father).  

Ratna Pathak Shah as Jashoda (mother of Jayeshbhai).  

Jia Vaidya (Jayeshbhai’s 9-year old daughter) .

Direction and production  of Jayeshbhai Jordaar

jayeshbhai movie scenes

The film is written and directed by debutant director Divyang Thakkar and produced by Aditya Chopra and Maneesh Sharma under Yash Raj Films.

The screenplay is so well-knit, and at the same time, makes you feel every bit of the emotion of the characters.

There are a few predictable twists, some funny situations, a few gags that go flat, and a lot of dramatic, silly dialogue that doesn’t abet the film. 

Vishal and Shekar directed the music. And the song ‘firecracker’ gained love from the audience with its soothing music . The first half is good. But later, everything went down the drain.

Average direction, poor execution, as nothing is shocking in the movie. Apart from this, the jokes are outdated in most scenes .

Apart from that, Gujarati flavor is missing as they mostly speak like a local of Mumbai .

Moreover some scenes and characters is unnecessarily shown in the movie.

Is Jayeshbhai Jordaar is worth watching or not?  

jayeshbai jordar movie trailer scenes

As a family movie, it includes some awkward and disturbing scenes to watch with family. Which is an negative point.

​The film intends to give us the same old social message ‘Beti Bachao. So there is nothing that we have not seen earlier . And there is nothing special about the movie.

And it is not for those who want masala, tadka, suspense, thrilling experience.

However it is a humorous and fun-filled movie for a section of the audience as it shows situational comedy.

So this is the review of Jayeshbhai Jordaar. Hope you found this article helpful. What about your opinion on the film? Would you like to watch it on the big screen or wait for the digital release?  

Jayeshbhai Jordaar review movie rating – 2.5/5.

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