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Rashmi Rocket:- Not an ordinary sport drama

Rashmi Rocket revolves around the difficulty that women in sports have to face regularly due to the gender test.

The Hindi film world 2021 has already brought out many films on controversial topics. This movie is one of such.

Rashmi Rocket story 

Rashmi Rocket movie scenes

The story follows Rashmi Vira, a sprinter who wants to represent India internationally rises despite the odds being against her.

Her race for success comes to hold when her gender identity is suspected because her performance outshines the other sprinters by leaps and bounds.

The humiliation she faces, her competitors taking the chance to bash about her. And her husband supported her throughout her thicks and thins – all these elements perfected this extraordinary movie.

Rashmi Rocket Cast 

Taapsee Pannu as Rashmi Vira in the lead role.

Priyanshu Painyuli as Gagan Thakur, Rashmi’s husband

Supriya Pathak as Bhanuben

Abhishek Bannerjee as Eeshit

Supriya Pilgaonkar as judge

Lisha Bajaj as a nurse

Boloram Das as coach

Goral Joshi as Sakhi


Rashmi rocket

I can’t ignore the outstanding performance of Taapsee Pannu while analyzing each main character’s acting performance.

Apart from the expressive and timely executed emotional dialogue deliveries and monologues, her efforts in achieving a realistic body type of a sprinter are also visible throughout the film.  

There are mainly three components of the character “Rashmi”. The first one is an ambitious teen with high goals, the second one is a depressed and vulnerable athlete facing constant criticism. And the third one is a loving life partner of an army man.

Taapsee managed to play each dimension very dynamically even though all three are completely different. 

The ever-so versatile actress Tapasi Pannu didn’t fail to portray the emotions of excitement in success, the devastated sorrowful state of an athlete whose dreams took a huge blow, and the enthusiasm of an initially simple-minded village lass. 

Priyanshu Painyuli showcased the indifference of a distant soldier well. And the on-screen chemistry between him as Gagan Thakur and Taapsee as Rashmi added another lace of reality in this movie.

Bhanuben, Rashmi’s mother helping her in the plight against the unfair gender test caught the heart of the audience. 

Is it worth watching or not?

Taapsee Pannu Supriya Pathak

Overall, “Rashmi Rocket” has done a great job as a female-oriented budget film. In an interview Taapsee Pannu, herself says that it was not easy to shoot the film as they were on a tight budget for the computer graphics, after effects, and film backdrop. 

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But even after so many positivities, many loopholes also can’t be ignored. Firstly, the overdramatic scenes are only good if you are watching the K3g kind of movie. Secondly, lack of emotions. Despite the amazing story, it failed to portray the emotions perfectly.

But if you are Taapsee Pannu’s fan then you can risk watching it. Because her performance will not disappoint you.

After “Tumhari Sulu”, “Dangal”, “Mary Com” – “Rashmi Rocket” made their way to the list.


The gender test is supposed to make sure that no one in single-gender sports poses as the opposite gender and gains any unfair advantage. This test checks whether the level of the person exceeds the normal extent or not. 

Ironically even though this test should make things easier for the sportspersons, over the years this gender test has ruined the careers and lives of many aspiring sportspersons. 

I would suggest this as a movie to watch once, what do you think about this movie? Tell me in the comment section below.

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