When Did Color Movies Start In India?

When Did Color Movies Start In India?

The word ‘Black and White’ reminds us all of the old eras. Whenever we watch any black and white song we always get a different vibe. But how many of you know when did color movies start in India? Probably very few of you. Agree?

Colored movies were not always there in the Indian Cinema Industry. And before color movies, Many super hit black and white movies released. So let’s dig deeper into Bollywood-colored cinema history.

About The movie- When Did Color Movies Start In India?

When Did Color Movies Start In India?

The first Indian color movie that was fully made in India is ‘Kisan Kanya’. This innovative movie was directed by Moti Gidwani and produced by Ardeshir Irani.

The first Indian movie was ‘Raja Harishchandra’, (released on 21st April 1913) and after 24 years Indian Cinema Industry makes the dream come true of colored movies.

The ‘Kanya Kisan’ was released on 8th January 1937 under ‘Imperial Films’, which is the most prominent production house of the industry.

Kisan Kanya is centered around poor farmers and their critical situations. Movie is based on a novel written by Saadat Hasan Manto. Moreover, the story did by Prof. M. Ziauddin.

However, the movie is based on a poor farmer but the main context of the film is about the women in the farmer community. Which is clarified by its title itself.

The movie starred Padma Devi, Zillo, Ghulam Md, Nissar, Sayed Ahmed, Gani, and many more. And the music was done by Ram Gopal Pandey.

It was the big achievement for every actor to work in the first colored movie of Indian Cinema history.

People enjoyed the first colored songs and it made them crazy for the movie.

Dissension about the film

There are too many debates around that, ‘Which film is the first colored film of India?’. Because under the production of V. Shantaram, a Marathi film named, ‘Sairandhri’ had some colored scenes in 1933, therefore some people thought it as the first colored film instead of ‘Kisan Kanya’.

However, the film was not fully made in India, rather it was processed and printed in Germany.

Until now you read about the first colored movie of India so why not let’s get to know a little bit about the first colored movie from the whole world.

First Colored Film In All Over The World

The first colored film on worldwide is ‘A Visit to the Seaside‘, released in 1908.

Although. it was not a long movie rather it was a short film of the duration of eight-minute.

This film used the Kinemacolor process for the making.

So, this is the history of the Indian Cinema’s first-ever color movie. This film is a huge evolution in Indian Cinema. It is one of the most remarkable movies in history like ‘Raja Harishchandra’, the first Indian Film.

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