First Bollywood movie with sound

First Bollywood Movie With Sound- Some interesting facts

From the title of the article, you might understand that the topic of the discussion will be ‘The First Bollywood Movie With Sound’. If you are a huge film lover, what will be your opinion on watching a film without sound? I don’t think it will be much positive

So, let’s have some idea about one of the most huge revolutions in the Indian Cinema Industry. And about the time when Bollywood bless with sound movies.

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Behind the camera team of the first Bollywood movie with sound

The First Bollywood Sound Movie is ‘Alam Ara’ which was released on 14 March 1931.

It was an historical drama. And the story of the film was based on Bombay-based dramatist Joseph David’s creation, named ‘Alam-Ara’.

The film starred some amazing legends of Bollywood like Master Vithal, Zubeida, Prithviraj Kapoor, Muhammad Wazir Khan, Jilioo, and many more.

The film’s production was done under ‘Imperial Film Company’, which is among the most eminent production houses.

Talented director Ardeshir Irani directed and produced this film. And the massive responsibility of music of the film took by Firozshah Mistry and B. Irani and they accomplished their part perfectly.

Story Of The Movie

alam ara scenes
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The fantasying story was about a king who have two wives, Navbahaar and Dilbahaar. They both are childless and want to have a baby at any cost.

After so many efforts, they found a Fakir who told them that, Navbahaar will give birth to a boy child but there is a possibility of his death on his 18th birthday. And to make him alive, Navbahaar must collect a necklace from a fish’s neck on the 18th birthday of the boy.

The King and Navbahaar both agree to this and decide to have the baby. And as a result, she gave birth to a boy named Qatar.

But on the other hand, Dilbahaar gets into an affair with the Senapati of the castle.

But when the king gets to know about this, he arrests Senapati.

Meanwhile, Senapati’s wife also gives birth to a girl child, Alam Ara, but dies due to the shock after knowing about her husband.

When both the child Qatar and Alam Ara grew up and Qatar’s 18th birthday come. Dilbahaar collects the necklace before Navbahaar and plans as Navbahaar will take a fake necklace. And as a result, Qatar dies.

But Qatar regains his life every night when Dilbahaar removes the necklace and again dies in the morning when Dilbahaar wears it again.

When one day Alam Ara sees Qatar alive for the first time in the night, she fall for him.

In between this, slowly people know about Dilbahaar’s jealousy and her cruel trick to kill Qatar.

In the end, Qatar got his life permanently and he married Alam Ara. And they live happily after.

Some Interesting Facts

First Bollywood movie with sound
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  1. The inspiration of making this film came to Irani’s mind from an American part-talkie Show Boat.
  2. The film was made out of only ₹40,000. But don’t be surprised because at that time it was a huge amount. At that time 40000 was equivalent to today’s ₹10 million.
  3. The studio of the film was placed near a railway track which made it so difficult to shoot the film because of the noise of trains. So, most of the film shotted at night in complete silence.
  4. The most important element of the film, ‘Sound’ was recorded by using the single-system recording. Surprised na?
  5. Prints or any gramophone record of the film is not present which is very sad. Therefore in 2017, the British Film Institute declared it as ‘The most important of any lost films produced in India’.

Also, know about the first colored film of Indian Cinema.

Who is the person behind starting Indian Cinema.

The movie was a pride for Indian and Indian Film industries.

The history of the film brings so many things to learn and discover. And I think it is one of the mentionable game-changer in the whole Indian Cinema Industry.

What do you think about this masterpiece? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about the film in the comment section below.

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  1. Yes, Alam Ara director, Ardeshir Irani also produced the another masterpiece, ‘Kisan Kanya’ which is the first Indian Color Film in 1937. He is such a legend person and contributed in Indian Cinema Industry in many ways.

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