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Everything Wrong with Movie Baghban- Learn how the film falls short in portraying the complexities of parent-child relationships.

What according to you will we your parents all time favourite movie? It will be none other than Baghban. Agree or not? But But But, here is a twist, because I will break a misconception here. Because Baghban have a few issues. So what is it? Read till last full Baghban full movie critical Analysis.

But before that, Lets read short summary of full movie Baghban. And if you don’t want to read it , you can skip to the part “What’s wrong with Movie Baghban?

Baghban Full Movie Summary

Baghban Movie scene

Baghban is a 2003 Bollywood film with Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini in the key roles. It was direct by Ravi Chopra. The film’s central theme is of parental love and the sad reality of the neglect that elderly parents frequently experience.

Couple Raj Malhotra (Amitabh Bachchan) and his wife Pooja (Hema Malini) are the focus of the story. They gave what they can, for their four sons.

They always sacrificed their lives for their kids and fulfill all of their wishes. But as they age, their kids ignore them and leave them.

Raj and Pooja are left on their own, trying to keep their dignity while meeting their needs. They move to a small house and take on odd occupations to make ends meet.

Raj expresses his frustration with his sons’ behaviour in letters to them, sharing his feelings with them.

While on the other side, some young residents of the same apartment building support them in every way they can.

And later, the story takes a dramatic turn. And he took decision to file a lawsuit against his sons for abandoning him and his wife in their old age.

In the meantime, his kids learn from their mistakes after the court case highlights their careless actions.

Happy Ending
Baghban Full movie scene

After Raj and Pooja kids apologize for their behaviour, They forgives them. But it also makes them aware of their duties to their parents.

Bollywood movies you all secretly love but hesitate to admit it .

The film concludes on a positive note, with Raj and his sons coming together. And they realise the significance of parental love and family values.

But, Despite being getting positive reviews and heartwarming performances. The film have some loopholes.

What’s that? Read till last.

Disclaimer:- This is my personal opinion, And with this article, I am only sharing my personal views. Your opinion could be different. If you are comfortable with this. Then you can scroll down to read more.

What’s Wrong with Movie Baghban?

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The following are a few problems with the film:-

Male Dominated

In one scene, Salman aka Alok  says to her lady love Arpita (Mahima) that he will not marry her until his foster parent will agree. Then what about the girl’s emotion and her love for him? It has no value?

I know its good that the hero love his foster parent. But still he should respect the lady emotions.


The film perpetuates the idea that elderly people are a burden to their offspring and society as a whole. It implies that older people are incapable of making any other kind of contribution and are only useful for giving financial support.

Poor writing

A number of plot holes and contradictions result from the film’s poor writing, which hurts the overall quality of the work.

It’s hard to take the characters and their struggles seriously because the plot is frequently predictable and overblown.

Glorification of patriarchal values

The movie upholds patriarchal beliefs, in which the father figure is regards as the head of the household and the kids are supposed to always obey and respect him.

Portrayal of negative stereotypes

Negative stereotypes regarding parents and kids are presented in the film, including the notion that all parents are altruistic and all kids are ungrateful.

Unrealistic expectations and misunderstandings between parents and kids could result from this.

Overemphasis on filial piety

Filial piety is overemphasised in the film, despite the fact that it is necessary for kids to respect and care for their parents. This could lead to guilt-tripping for kids who can’t live up to their parents’ expectations.

Unrealistic resolutions

The film finishes on a positive note with the kids admitting their mistakes and making amends with their parents. Although this is a good result, it is not always possible and could lead to unrealistic aspirations and expectations in parent-child relationships in the real world.

Girl can’t do party ????

Baghban Full movie FLAWS

On a night when Pooja’s Grandchild wants to do party and wants to wear what she wants. Nobody have right to stop her. This movie scene clearly shows that when a girl wear a short dress she will be teased, so she should not go at night and wear the short dresses.

And this scene only showed because director wants to portray Pooja a good lady.

Such a baseless scene it was!!!

Raj using Typewriter at night?

I don’t understand that why the hell Raj wants to write only at night? He should type at morning or afternoon as well??

Many people will now say that when Raj’s Kids was small they may also cry at night. Seriously? You are comparing with a immature baby with a mature big guy? I didn’t see this a better comparison.

Bottom Line
Amitabh bacchan movie scenes

While “Baghban” is a touching film on the value of family ties and children’s obligations to their parents, the above elements of it that might have a harmful effect on parent-child relationships.

In the event that their children do not live up to their expectations, this could cause parents to feel unappreciated or resentful.

Overall, “Baghban” is a heartwarming and moving film, But we should focus on practical way as well. That we should live life with a balance. Don’t impose anything on your child. And respect their privacy. Treat your kid like kid, not as retirement plan.

Whats your thoughts on my views? Do share it in Comment section below. And share your experience if you watch Baghban with your parents.

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