Bollywood love story movies list

Bollywood love story movies list- List of top 10 true love movies

Bollywood is majorly famous for romantic movies like DDLJ, kuch kuch Hota hai, Mohabbatein, and so on. But hey stop! because here I will not talk about these cliche romances. Rather I have a Bollywood love story movies list that defines true love in the real sense.

Bollywood love story movies list

Barfi!- Bollywood movie with amazing love story

Bollywood love story movies list

Shruti loves Barfi (a deaf-mute boy) but marries someone else. Later she find that barfi got married to Jhilmil (a girl with autism). After the death of barfi, Jhilmil lies near Barfi.

oops! sorry for this spoiler, but I had to. Because you will not agree until I prove that the movie truly showcases pure love.

No typical maar dhaad movie simple and fascinating story.

Veer zara- Best Bollywood love story

Bollywood love story movies list

A love story of veer (Indian) and Zara (Muslim). When veer got arrested in a false case by Pakistanis who thought him as a terrorist.

No, I can’t tell you the full detailed story here. Or else you can’t get the enjoyment of this emotional love story.

Wake up sid

Carefree sid met Aisha who is an aspiring writer. After sid met Aisha he realise the true worth and meaning of his life.

In real we also want the same kind of partner who helps us to grow.


Rehan falls for a blind girl named Zoomi. Rehan teaches Zoomi how to love. However, he is keeping a dark secret that could destroy their beautiful relationship.

Hum dil de chuke sanam

hum dil de chuke sanam

A partner who understands you and respects you. The only thing a girl wants in her life. A story about Nandini who loves prem but her parents forcefully married her to Vanraj.

When Vanraj gets to know that Nandini still loves prem….. o no sorry Sameer (most probably one of some rare movies where Salman’s name is not prem).

Vanraj along with Nandini searched Sameer so that he can unite them.

Anjana Anjani

Two heartbroken Akash and Kiara met each other and decide to forget their past and enjoy life to the fullest.

A simple but sweet love story that depicts too many emotions.

Aashiqui (part-1)

Bollywood love story movies list

Rahul hates his father as he is marrying other women even though his mother is still alive. Whereas Anu is an orphan and lives in a hostel is an under-confident girl.

When Rahul saw Anu, he falls for her. And he also teaches Anu to be independent and to be confident.


Bollywood love story movies list

Village girl Ganga got engaged to an American -Indian guy who has no respect for women. Arjun and Ganga are good friends and he is the true example of a gentleman who helps Ganga to push out from this slough.

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Jab We Met

jab we met

It’s a kind of comedy film more than a romantic film. But scenes when geet tries Aditya to make forget his dark past and she also teaches self-love, it touched my heart. Therefore I added Jab we met in my list of top Bollywood movies with an intense love story.

Deewana- Bollywood love story movies list

deewana movie

Kajal’s husband Ravi died after some days after their marriage. Then Kajal later married Raja who also loves her and accepts her the way she is.

But life turns when Kajal’s first husband returns from dead.

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So, this is the complete list of best love stories in Bollywood that touched my heart. What’s yours? Let me know in the comment section below.

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