Top 10 emotional movies of Bollywood that will make you cry

We usually see Melo-dramas in Bollywood movies. But only few movies are there that really touch our heart. So here are top 10 emotional movies of Bollywood that will surely make you cry even if you are a “Patthar Dil Insaan“.

Top 10 emotional movies of Bollywood

Taare Zameen Par

8 year old Ishaan has Dyslexia. But instead of curing his problem, people teases him. Even his father scolds him as he imagined that Ishaan is escaping from studies.

Therefore he send him to hostel. There he met his teacher “Ram”, who understand his problem and start to cure it.

The whole journey of the Ishaan will definitely make you cry. And the bond between the student-teacher is really heart touching.

And nobody can’t forget the amazing song “tujhe sab hai pata haina maa”

Veer zara

Veer zara

This movie is an intense love story of Veer and Zara. Veer is Hindu whereas Zara is an Muslim.

When Zara’s parents get to know about their relationship, they implicate Veer in an false case.

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Heartbroken Zara get the false news about Veer’s demise. And her father get her married to some other guy. But later he divorced her husband and then Zara devoted her life to (Veer’s) village.

And songs “do pal ruka khwabo ka karwa” and “tere liye hum hai jiye har aansu piye” truly depicts the theme of story.



Only parents love in this world is unconditional and they do too many sacrifices for our happiness. But it hurts if in return they only get insult. Then it will broke anyone’s heart.

Baghban movie is about Raj and Pooja and their selfish kids who only wants their money. And they think them as burden.

Sky is Pink

Top 10 emotional movies of Bollywood

Based on a true story The sky is pink revolves around a girl named “Aisha Chaudhary“. She has very less days as she is suffering from seviour disease. So instead of counting every days of her life, she wanted to live her last days with fullest.

This movie has too many emotional scene but my personal favourite is when Aisha dies and her dog lie down on her bed and showing his love towards Aisha.

Kal Ho Na Ho

Kal ho na ho last scene

Naina love Aman and he also loves him. But Aman hide his feeling because he has a heart disease and he has very less time to live. So he lied to her about his marriage so that she can move on her life. And he also teaches her to live her life.


Top 10 emotional movies of Bollywood

Probably one of that Ranbeer’s movie which I loved. This movie is about a deaf-mute boy named Barfi who loves Shruti. But she got married. Jhilmil and Barfi are best friends and Jhilmil secretly loves Barfi.

At the end of movie when Barfi died, Jhilmil also lies near his bed. And took her last breath.

Rang de basanti

Rang de basanti

In one scene you will laugh harder and on the other scene you will cry loud. Each and every dialogue of this movie has a separate fan base.

And also do you remember the heartwarming song “Luka chupi bhut hui saamne aajana”. ?

Tere Naam

Top 10 emotional movies of Bollywood

Radhe and Nirjara are in love but things drastically changed when Nirjara’s brother beated Radhe brutally which led him (radhe) brain damage.

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Nirjara commit suicide as her parents make her to marry another guy. And when Radhe found out this, he live her life in the memories of Nirjara.


Anand movie Rajesh khanna

Anand has cancer and instead of laying into bed all the time, he lives his life to the fullest and optimism.


Top 10 emotional movies of Bollywood

Gajini have STML (short term memory loss). He is struggling to know about his life in which he have some sweet moments and lots of bitter moments.

So these are top 10 emotional movies of Bollywood which end will definitely make you cry even your if are not a sensitive person.

Till now which movie made you cry? Share about that experience in the comment section below.

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