Best romantic bollywood movies

Best Romantic Bollywood movies of 21st century

Fans of romantic movies can never get enough of romance movies. I know that. And therefore, here I am presenting some of the best romantic movies in Bollywood of a new era. The movies which you can binge-watch on the weekends.

Without further ado let me take you through the amazing plots of the best romantic movies list.

But before starting reading this article let you know about the best Bollywood movies ever made in Bollywood.

Romantic movies in Bollywood:- Notebook

Notebook movie (2019)
Actress Pranutan Bahl in the movie Notebook

An underrated yet pleasant romantic film. The story revolves around two heartbroken persons falling for each other. Without even knowing what the other person looks like.

The female lead is a teacher in a deserted school in Kashmir out of compassion for children.

After her resignation, because of her engagement. The male lead of the film, who was a retired army soldier takes up her position. And slowly finds himself falling in love with her after reading her diary.

Feel free to give this a go. The plotline and romantic soundtracks of this movie will definitely entice you. 

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga

Breaking the stereotypes of the so-called normal relationships, this film successfully represented a lesbian love story. With the backdrop of a small village in Punjab.

Now it’s time we start normalizing the fact that love has no gender – which is perfectly showcased by this movie. And needless to say, this movie won the audience’s heart right after its release in 2019.

Romantic movies in Bollywood:- Photograph

An open-ended romantic movie that leaves the conclusion of the film up to the viewer’s imaginations. The movie revolves around the story of a photographer getting constantly pressured by his grandmother to get married.

The photographer approach a shy girl to make her pose as his fake fiancé with the intention to convince his grandmother.

As time passes, they slowly start falling for each other. And the movie ends with a sweet scene of them being together. While having doubts about the impending falling apart of their relationship. To know the entire plot watch “Photograph” – one of the best romantic movies in Bollywood.


Best romantic bollywood movies
Varun Dhawan in Kalank

Yes, I know what are you thinking that I am mad or what that I am including this is on my list. I know this was the biggest disaster. But with a unique storyline that has perfectly combined Indian history and romance. It’s worth a watch.

The movie is all about the various shades of red that stand-in for love, hate, betrayal, and vengeance. The romance in this movie is really like none other.


This romantic Bollywood movie has touched one of the taboo topics of Indian society, inter-religious marriage. The hero is Muslim and the heroine is Hindu.

They face difficulties in their relationship. Give “Kedarnath” one of the best romantic Bollywood movies ago. If you are someone who prefers out-of-box genres of films.

There are many romantic movies of the 21st century all couples will definitely love. Such as Barfi, Lunch box, and Ranjhana.

Add some of these films to your bucket list and tick them off in your holidays. After all who doesn’t enjoy a romantic Bollywood movie to refresh your mind?

Apart from these, there are some romantic Bollywood movies of 2021 which is yet to be released. And audiences are waiting for these movies.

Some of the movies are; Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui, Bekhudi, The conversion. Let’s hope these movies will be the best romantic movies of 2021.

I will definitely add a new list of 2021 as well when I have my full list ready with me.

Hope you enjoyed reading it. You can also share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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