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Top 11 Bollywood Movies Ever made till date

In this corona phase, you are at your home and tired of searching for a great Bollywood movie. Here are some best Bollywood movies ever made that you must watch them before you die.

Bareli ki barfi-Best Bollywood Movies Ever made

Bareli ki barfi is simply a fresh and sweet movie that you can’t miss watching. The story is based on an outspoken girl named Bitti Mishra (Kriti Sanon). She always gets rejected because of this and this leads to her belief that she is worthless. But her life changed when two people fall in love with her. And she had to choose between them.

Jab we met

Jab we met is my favorite movie by Kareena Kapoor and I can’t miss watching whenever I get the chance to see this movie.

Story goes like that- Geet is a happy-going girl who lives her life according to her choices. And always follow her heart.

One day, he met a shy boy Aditya, who is depressed and suicidal, but after meeting Geet, he regain faith in life and fall in love with her. 

The best part of this movie is its songs. You can seriously listen to them 1000 times without getting bored.


However, I am not much big fan of Abhishek Bachchan. But one day I risked watching manmarizaya. I thought I will regret watching this movie. But I was wrong. This movie truly shows the reality of what love is. And why youngsters are confused about what real love is.

Hum aapke hai kon-Best Bollywood Movies Ever made

This 1994 film traces the romance of Madhuri Dixit’s (Nisha) and Prem, played by Salman Khan. Nisha is Prem’s elder brother Rajesh’s sister-in-law.

Pooja, Rajesh’s wife, is happy after know about Nisha and Prem. But because of a tragic accident she died, leaving a baby.

Their family asks Nisha to marry Rajesh for the sake of her nephew.


Best Bollywood Movies Ever made

Sholay is a classic movie and one of the most important achievements of the Bollywood industry. You’ll enjoy the music of this movie. It has blockbuster music which remains my favorite to date.

Mehbooba and yeh Dosti by legendary singers R.D Burman and Kishore Kumar are my personal favorites. The actors have done an outstanding job, there’s obviously a reason why this movie has been our parents and their parents’ favorite.

Wake up Sid-Best Bollywood Movies Ever made

Wake Up Sid is a well-made comedy-drama. And totally focus on youngsters life. The film established a moment reference to college-goers then due to its sincere combat the problems and challenges faced by urban youth.

Dil chahta he-Best Bollywood Movies Ever made

Best Bollywood Movies Ever made

Childhood friendship within the sort of three friends and their various ups and downs are what makes the core of the film.

But what makes it special is its storyline -which is extremely much associated with the truth. These are small clip shots of the whole movie. The screenplay of the film is beautiful and we should watch this movie at least once.

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3 idiots

Best Bollywood Movies Ever made

Throughout the movie, Rancho taught us not to become a machine. Don’t just memorize lessons without understanding them.

Apart from this, the film also tackles psychological state awareness. Many students feel very pressured as they have pressures from teachers and their parents. Many people are those who simply follow what they’re told to try to do; once they fail, they really get in a lot of pain.

Zindagi na milegi dobara

True friends don’t care about each other’s family backgrounds. In fact, not only do they need different backgrounds but also contrasting personalities. While Farhan is extroverted and fun-loving, Hrithik is serious and introverted.

Despite these differences, they’re better of friends who want to be with one another through their ups and downs. This teaches us that when it involves friendship, one shouldn’t see things like family background, bank balance, or personality.

Taare Zammen par-Best Bollywood Movies Ever made

Taare Zameen Par is a heart-touching movie. This movie teaches a lesson to the guardians, peers also as teachers on the way to behave their child or student who are slow learners.

It’s important to appreciate their unique artistic and other abilities to their full capacity. We should always support and behave with them amorously and should not label them.

Yeh jawani he deewani

Ye jawani Hai deewani Ranvir kapoor and deepika Padukone

The refreshing portrayal of friendships in the movie is what makes it different from others. The romance resonated with the new generation who grew up with practical views on a relationship without losing hope of a fairy-tale ending.

So here is the list of Best Bollywood Movies Ever made. Do you know any other such movies? do share with us in the comment section below.

And soon I will be publishing a post for 1000 movies to watch before you die. If you want that I will create a list of movies. You should not miss sharing with me in the comment section.