south movies copied from bollywood

Not only Bollywood copied South movies, but here are some south movies that were copied from Bollywood

It’s not rare to notice that Bollywood movies are copies or remakes of any famous south Indian movies. But here I’ll show you the other side of the coin. That’s right, this list is all about South Movies copied from Bollywood.

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South movies copied from Bollywood

Gopala Gopala- “OMG!” South movies Bollywood remake

south movies copied from bollywood

Gopala Gopala is a Telugu comedy film and the remake of the 2012 Hindi film “Oh My God!”. The plot is about an atheist suing the gods when he loses his shop in an earthquake.

A brilliant portrayal of the blind religious mentality of common people.

Both movies deserve applauds for going with a controversial topic. According to most viewers, the original is way better than the remake.

Green Signal – Pyar Ka Punchnama

A great comedy film undeniably.

However, if observed closely then it’s clear that how sexist the entire movie is.

The typical representation of gold digger heartless girls who treat their lovers as puppets might enrage some viewers.

Other than that, the acting, comic timings, and dialogue delivery make it enjoyable.

Kanden Kadhalai – “Jab We Met”

“Kanden Kadhalai” is entertaining and a good watch according to most viewers. It has the same plot as “Jab We Met”.

A rich businessman finds his life changing for the better, after he met a sparkly bubbly girl and the two polar opposites fall for each other.

Shankar Dada Zindabaad- “Lage raho munna bhai”

An honest man, joining Mahatma Gandhi to fight against a corrupt property dealer non- violently.

Bhale Dongalu – Bunty Aur Babli

Telugu movie “Bhale Dongalu” copied the plot idea from the film “Bunty Aur Babli”. The script is quite comedic and logical with the story of a pair of unsuccessful lovers starting their conning journey to make off quick money.

Priyanka – “Damini”-South movies copied from Bollywood

damini south remake

Tamil movie “Priyanka” is a remake of the Bollywood film Damini .

The script revolves around the mentality of the negative aspects of casteism in Indian society.

The original movie Damini scored quite better than the remake at the box office. And its most probably due to better performances and directing.

Velaikaran – Namak Halaal

“Velaikaran” is a Tamil language crime thriller film. Its original version in Bollywood is “Namak Halaal”.

The remake did absolute justice to the original, thriving in the market. Some comic timings don’t exactly match the movie. However, for the most part, both works did a good job.

John Jaffer Janardhanan (Malayalam), Ram Robert Rahim (Telugu) – Amar Akbar Anthony

south movies copied from bollywood

Quite a few decades old evergreen film. The plot questions the religious boundaries in society in a hilarious and enjoyable way.

Amitabh Bachhan, one of the legendary Bollywood actors, was in the lead role of the movie. And undeniably it lived up to the expectations of the audience.

After around 10 years of the movie release, a Malayalam remake “John Jaffer Janardhanan” and a Tamil remake “Ram Robert Rahim” came in the market.

Despite the best efforts of keeping the original essence, the two movies lagged behind the original film.

Samayalkaran – Bawarchi- South movies copied from Bollywood

Bawarchi is a classic Indian film. The songs might not be catchy enough to get a grip over the youths used to the sparkly silver screen of the modern age. But it’s truly a movie worth a watch.

However, Samayalkaran can be at the very best considered to be an effort to do the same. But unfortunately, it failed miserably and I won’t recommend watching the Tamil version.

Vani Rani And Ganga Manga- Seeta aur Geeta

south movies

The cliche story of twins swapping places unknowingly. The only twist is that unlike most movies in “Seeta Aur Geeta” the lead roles are female characters.

In the words of most viewers, this is a film that was funny, entertaining, and one of the best Indian films made to date.

Vani Rani and Gangu Mangu – the two remakes of the original persisted to make the portrayal of the scenes better. In fact both the movies actually have better IMDB ratings than “Seeta Aur Geeta”.

A remake isn’t a cheap concept. But with condition that the original essence had to remain. And the intention behind the remake is to really spread the concept more widely in a better way.

So these are some south movies copied from Bollywood. What’s your thoughts about the remake? Do let me know in the comment section below.

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